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©Photos and text by archaeologist Mehmet Çuhadar


In Cappadocia are the remarkable Ihlara and Belisirama valleys, two historical and geological treasures of Turkey that were inaccessible to travelers for a long time due to their location in the Hasan Dag region of central Anatolia. Magnificent landscape, mosques, and churches of this region provide a richly textured panorama of Anatolian history, religion, culture, art, and architecture.

In order to reach these valleys the visitor must cross vast expanses of arid plains where the parched earth is occasionally punctuated by patches of green trees and grass, which reveal the presence of small rivers. Hasan Dag rises majestically above these plains where peasants tend their flocks, cultivate their wheat fields and ride their donkeys as their ancestors did for thousands of years. The rectangular stone houses and nearby rock-cut caves blend into the slopes of the mountains formed over the millennia due to erosion by wind, rain, and climatic changes, and nestle side by side with the unusual "fairy chimneys" of Cappadocia. One is struck by both the landscape and the lifestyle of the inhabitants which, in some magical fashion, seem to have made time stand still.