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Cappadocia, Goreme, the Land of Fairy Chimneys, Rock Cut Churches

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The village of Goreme (formerly known as Avcilar) is located on the banks of the Kodarak River, which flows through the valley of Goreme in Central Turkey. The village is characterized by the perfect harmony between its man-made dwellings and its natural environment. The size of the Goreme village, with its vineyards, fields, and gardens, was determined by the number of cones used as rock-cut dwellings. These cones are surrounded by high cliffs that form the borders of the village. Even the stone structures of the region blend harmoniously with the fantastic, and at times surrealistic, landscapes.

The village of Goreme was known in ancient times as Matiana, Macan, and Avcilar. Goreme is one of the oldest towns in the region and was a farming community. During attacks by the Arabs, Avcilar lost much of its population because the area was not isolated like other Cappadocia valleys that provided camouflage and natural defenses. Most of the existing churches in this area were built after the Arab raids, when Goreme village re-established itself and developed into a religious center. Although many churches are located in this area, Yusuf Koc Kilise and Durmus Kadir Kilise are the most important ones in Goreme Village.


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